Baseball Treasure
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The story of Baseball Treasure is one of friendship and a shared passion for our national pastime.

John Connor and Rick Canale met on their first day of school in 1983. They played on five baseball teams together in middle school and in high school. John was the cornerstone of those teams at third, manning the hot corner, while Rick was a super utility player before Tony Phillips and Jose Oquendo refined the position. John and Rick have played ball together, roomed together, worked together, and have remained the closest of friends over the past three and a half decades. Diehard Red Sox™ fans, they even share season tickets together at Fenway Park™.


”The superheroes of my youth performed their feats on the diamond,” says Rick. “Fred Lynn climbed the wall better than Spider-Man. George Scott was my Incredible Hulk, full of swagger and bulk.” For John, baseball was part of his earliest memories. "My grandfather used to try and tell us kids the story of Ernie Shore's 'perfect game,’ but he could never finish, erupting in laughter whenever he got to Babe Ruth punching out the umpire.”

Every Opening Day, they share their love for baseball by giving friends and family fresh packs of baseball cards to celebrate the new season, a tradition that goes back to their childhoods.

Both John and Rick are successful and acclaimed entrepreneurs. Rick’s Boston flower shop, Exotic Flowers has deep roots in the community, with more than six decades of family ownership. John started his first venture at 9 years old and sold his most recent company to a Fortune 500 consulting firm.

In early 2017 John had an idea to create and bring to market affordable, quality baseball coins, minted from one ounce of pure copper. A lifetime of camaraderie and passion for baseball has come full circle, to Baseball Treasure. Join the Hunt.