Baseball Treasure
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CHECK HERE FOR daily CLUES TO win real .999 fine silver baseball treasure coins !


How do I win ?


Each clue will be posted here on the website. If you solve these clues correctly, you will come up with an MLB® team and a location such as a landmark or monument.

The elements of the clue will connect in some way. For example, through a year, person, fact, etc. The first person to solve the clue and post a photo of themselves at the correct landmark wins a one ounce .999 fine silver Baseball Treasure™ Coin.

Rules for the post:

Must be posted on Facebook or Instagram only

Use the hashtag #JoinTheHunt

Tag the correct MLB® team and location

Tag @RileyPoole42 (Instagram) OR Baseball Treasure (Facebook)

If you cannot go to the landmark, you can still win a copper coin by being the first person to email with the correct answer.

Here is an example:

Four mates found 20 wins fitting as he introduced The Science of Hitting.

Research would let you know that The Science of Hitting was a book written by Ted Williams, published in 1971. In 1971, the Baltimore Orioles™ accomplished a rare feat with four pitchers winning 20 games. In this case, you would have to figure out that the element of the clue which connects the team and the location hidden in the clue is the year, 1971.

The team is the Orioles, and the location is the Ted Williams’ statue near Fenway Park™. Therefore, to win the Adam Jones Silver Baseball Treasure Coin, you would have to go and take a picture with this statue and post it using the hashtag #jointhehunt.

Notes: All clues are outdoors. Not all locations are baseball related. You may use whatever you need to answer the clues: Internet, maps, phone a friend, etc. Sharing is caring; no purchase necessary. Share the daily clue on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #jointhehunt and we will randomly select a winner of a copper coin each day.