The Baseball Treasure Hunt Starts Today #jointhehunt

Do you want to participate in a #treasurehunt? Are you good at trivia?   Solve clues and win a @BaseballTreasur real silver coin featuring one of 30 #MLB players. Who is ready to #JoinTheHunt?

Each clue will be posted here on the website, as well as on our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram profiles. These clues will reveal an MLB team and a landmark/monument. The elements of the clue will connect in some way, for example, through a year or person. Your goal is to solve the clues by decoding which team and location the clue is referencing.

The first person to post a photo of themselves at the landmark with the hashtag #jointhehunt (on Twitter or Instagram) wins a silver coin; the first person to solve the clue correctly (with no photo) using the hashtag #jointhehunt wins a copper coin of the player whose team is mentioned in the clue.

- Riley Poole