Baseball Treasure™ Hunt - Aaron Judge Coins Won

Baseball Treasure’s latest treasure hunt clue read:

Theirs would win the MVP race in the summer children first read of McCloskey's brace

The correct answer is:

Team – Yankees™

Location – Make Way for Ducklings Statue, Boston Public Garden

Robert McCloskey wrote the children’s book Make Way for Ducklings in 1941. A brace is a term for a group of ducks. Therefore, “McCloskey’s brace” would be referring to the family of ducks in the Make Way for Ducklings book. Based on this information, the location would be the famous sculpture inspired by McCloskey’s book – the Make Way for Ducklings statue in the Boston Public Garden.

Make Way for Ducklings was published in 1941 – “the summer children first read of McCloskey’s brace.” That same summer, the AL™ MVP was the Yankees’™ Joe DiMaggio, and the NL MVP was the Dodgers’ Dolph Camilli. While the Yankees™ and the Dodgers™ both had players win the MVP award, the true race was in the American League™. In a controversial decision, Joe DiMaggio was named AL™ MVP over Ted Williams. The final vote was 291 points for DiMaggio and 254 points for Williams.

The treasure hunt yielded two Aaron Judge coin winners. The copper was won through an email answer and a silver through a Facebook post. The winner of the silver coin posted this picture of herself at the Make Way for Ducklings statue.

Congratulations Kristy! 

Thanks to all who joined the hunt - Look out for more clues coming soon!