Baseball Treasure™ Players Vie for American League™ MVP

Baseball Treasure™ carefully selected one player from each of the 30 MLB® teams and immortalized them into a one-ounce copper coin for their inaugural set released earlier this year. There were some really great players this year who received that honor, but there are a few in particular who have had outstanding seasons and are in discussion for the AL MVP award.


Just when you think that baseball players can’t possibly be getting better at their sport, enter Mookie Betts, Mike Trout, and Francisco Lindor. All three of these players had All – Star seasons in 2017, but somehow they have found room to improve in 2018.


Trout, Betts, and Lindor have all put up crazy good offensive this year and have also all shinned defensively. However there can only be one AL MVP. In a year where you can make a case for multiple players to be the MVP, who do you give the award to?