Which National League™ Team Will Reign Supreme

As the regular season winds down, more and more teams are clinching playoff spots. With so little games left, there is not much time left for teams to move around in the standings. The American League™ already has their 5 playoff teams and the matchups are all but official. However, the case in not the same in the National League™. With the Braves® as the only NL team to clinch, a lot is still up in the air.

The race for the NL West and the NL Wildcard spots is just starting to heat up as four teams vie for three playoff spots and their respective division titles. The Dodgers® are 1.5 games ahead of the Rockies® in the NL West and the Cardinals® are half a game ahead of the Rockies® for a wild card spot. The Rockies® are coming off an important 3 game sweep of the Diamondbacks® and a win against the Phillies®. However, they can only hope that that will be enough as they also need losses from the teams ahead of them.

The Rockies® only have a few more games to make something happen. Their recent play against the Diamondbacks® should make fans hopeful for a playoff berth. Also, lucky for them, the Brewers® and Cardinals® (the two teams ahead of them in the NL Wildcard race) are in the middle of a three-game series which will impact whether or not the Rockies® make it to October.

While all this is happening, the Cubs® are trying to hold on to first place in the NL Central. The Brewers® are only 1.5 behind, and the Cardinals® 3 games behind them, so it should be an exciting sprint to the finish. The outcome of the 3 game Brewers/Cardinals series will certainly have an impact on where the Cubs® end up.

For all baseball fans, this is an exciting playoff race. It is the perfect kind of end of season excitement. With the standings changing every single day, this is definitely something to keep an eye on. It should be enough to hold you over until the real fun starts in October.