Why Baseball Treasure™ Chose Aaron Judge for Its Gold Coin Treasure Hunt

Aaron Judge's 52 home runs would be impressive for anybody, but were also enough to set a record, taking the crown away from Mark McGwire for most home runs in a rookie year. With 33 of them being in home games he also took the crown for hitting the most home runs in Yankee Stadium™ in a single season, a title previously belonging to Babe Ruth. To continue his tour through the big names of baseball, Judge also became the second player to ever have 100 runs, 100 hits, and 100 walks in a rookie season, the only previous player being Ted Williams. Aaron Judge of course won Rookie of the Year for such a season.

While rolling the dice on Judge was risky, think Kevin Maas and Joe Charboneau. The staff at  Baseball Treasure™ is thrilled with our decision to back this superstar. His character, talent and all world smile.