The Major League Baseball™ Authentication Program

Which Baseball Treasure™ hero hit this ball ? Answer below.

Which Baseball Treasure™ hero hit this ball ? Answer below.

Since its launch in 2001, the Major League Baseball™ Authentication Program has become the gold standard for autographed and game used memorabilia authentication. The initiative works to distinguish officially authentic MLB® memorabilia from other items on the market. This system is designed to protect the fans from buying fraudulent merchandise by guaranteeing genuine memorabilia for all MLB® fans.

During all 2,430 regular season MLB® games, playoffs, and even spring training there is an authenticator present. Only those items that an authenticator sees being signed and/or used in game may be eligible for authentication under this MLB® Authentication Program. Once witnessed, items receive a tamper proof hologram sticker that comes with its own serial number. Type in this serial number into, your item come up. The unique access that comes with the hologram distinguishes these goods from others on the market.

Since its inception, the Major League Baseball™ Authentication Program is responsible for authenticating almost 4,200,000 items. This initiative has completely erased the need for certificates of authenticity and continuously works toward protecting the identity of the game. It has also made it exponentially easier for fans, collectors, and players to validate the authenticity of their signed or game used memorabilia.

Baseball Treasure™ coins are officially licensed by the MLB® and MLBPA™. Having an MLB® license means that the company has permission to use the logos, colors, and names of all 30 MLB® teams in the creation of their coins. MLBPA™ give a license to products that Major League players want to associate with their brand. Obtaining this license gives Baseball Treasure™ the permission to use the names, numbers, and likenesses of active Major League Baseball™ players. The company prides itself on its ability receive both of these licenses and produce a product that the MLB® and MLBPA™ can be proud of.

Answer: Mike Trout