Baseball Treasure™ Chest - Real Silver or Gold Coin - Each Box

Baseball Treasure™ Chest - Real Silver or Gold Coin - Each Box


Each Treasure Chest will have:

  • 1 Silver Coin, each .999% pure silver minted coin of a baseball Superstar. 1:6 boxes will have a sequentially numbered edition Silver coin that has never before been minted. Every 6th box (1 per case) at random will have either a Christian Yelich Silver Coin (1 of 22), Andrew Benintendi Silver Coin (1 of 16), Cody Bellinger Silver Coin (1 of 35), Giancarlo Stanton Silver Coin (1 of 27), Bryce Harper Silver Coin (1 of 33), a Jacob deGrom Silver Coin (1 of 48) or a Charlie Blackmon Silver Coin (1 of 19). These three numbered silver coins have never been released before, nor will they ever be released again. These are the only silver copies of these specific stars of the 2019 season.

  • 3 Copper Coins, each .999% pure copper minted coin of a baseball Superstar - Hunt for all 32 copper coins at random from the collection.

Very Special Treasure Chest Bonus.... 

  • Search for Gold! 3 redemption coins are found 1 in every 400 boxes at random. These can be redeemed for an incredibly special, 1 oz .999% pure GOLD minted coin of Bryce Harper. Only 3 have been made - only 3 will ever be made- in pure GOLD! The intrinsic value, as well as the collectible value of numbering that matches Harper's Phillies uniform number makes this an amazing opportunity for Harper fans!

Collectors, Box Breakers and Fans will have fun with this Treasure Chest - every chest opened contains precious metal. Captain Jack Sparrow will be jealous!

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